Sending audio from Pro Tools to SpectraLayers One

In Pro Tools, choose AudioSuiteOtherSpectraLayers Send to send audio to SpectraLayers One for spectral editing. When you’re finished editing, you can save the edited audio as a new file from SpectraLayers One.

  1. In Pro Tools, select the audio you want to edit.
  2. Choose AudioSuiteOtherSpectraLayers Send. The AudioSuite dialog is displayed.
  3. Click Send at the bottom of the AudioSuite dialog to send the selected audio to a new tab in SpectraLayers One.

    [Note] Note

    In some cases, Pro Tools takes control of the system’s audio hardware and prevents SpectraLayers One from playing audio while Pro Tools is running. In these cases, Click the bridge Preview button in the Pro Tools dialog to activate the SpectraLayers One Bridge in Pro Tools and SpectraLayers One. The SpectraLayers One Bridge will allow SpectraLayers One to play audio through Pro Tools.

  4. Edit your audio as needed.
  5. When you’re done editing, you can save the edited audio as a new SpectraLayers One project or export the project to a new audio file. See File Menu.