Transport Panel

The transport panel at the top center of your screen is used for basic playback and recording control.

Play button

Tapping the Play button starts playback (with the black vertical playhead indicating the current position in your song). During playback it shows a stop button. Tapping it again pauses playback (the playhead stops and stays at its current position).

Skip forward button

Skipping forward positions the playhead at the next locator's position or the end of your project (the end of the bar holding your last event).

Skip backward button

Tapping this button does the exact opposite of skipping forward.

Cycle button

Toggles whether playback is looped between the two locators, i.e. when the playhead reaches the right locator it automatically jumps back to the left.

Record button

Starts / stops recording. To specify which track(s) you want to record on, use Record Enable.

Metronome button

Turns the metronome (click on every beat) on / off. Adjust metronome and precount settings in the setup screen.

Time Display

The display to the left of the transport buttons indicates the current position of the playhead. The first figure refers to the bar, the second one to the current beat (1/4 note within the current bar) and the third to the position within the beat, measured in 1/16 notes. Tap the display to switch to a minute:second.millisecond view.


Tap the display showing the BPM (beats per minute) count and a signature (e.g. 4/4). Slide across the number in the tempo category. For more precise tempo adjustments, use the + / - buttons. Alternatively, you can tap your desired tempo on the Tap Tempo button.

Recording Modes

Tap the tempo display to see the four available recording options, which you can combine.