Classic Machines (in-app purchase)

Available as in-app purchase, Classic Machines offers 12 most iconic drum machines of the ‘80s in one instrument. Each kit comes with 12 sounds and brings in two styles - Classic and EFX. Classic Machines allows to easily program beats with great support of the intuitive on-board note repeat and velocity control. Likewise use the ready-to-go MIDI loops that are also part of this comprehensive package.

To open Classic Machines, tap the instrument icon in a MIDI track or in the Inspector's instrument tab and select a module from the Classic Machines category in the instrument browser.

List Browser

Tap the LIST / BROWS button to open a list of all available instruments. Tap an instrument to load it. You can also switch to the next / previous instrument by tapping the arrow icons on the left / right on the title bar.

Note Repeat

When holding a drum pad, the sample will be repeated in the selected interval with values between 1/2 and 1/64 (also available as triplets).

Velocity Control

You can control note velocity live while playing: Drag the bar below the note repeat icons horizontally with another finger. When releasing the bar, the velocity resets to 100%.


Adjust the overall volume of your Classic Machines module.