Micro Sonic

Micro Sonic is a condensed version of HALion Sonic, Steinberg's premier VST workstation. It allows you to browse and customize more than 150 production-ready kits and sampled instruments in Cubasis 3.

To load Micro Sonic, tap the instrument icon in a MIDI track or in the Inspector's instrument tab.

List Browser

Tap the LIST / BROWS button to open a list of all available Micro Sonic instruments. Tap an instrument to load it. You can also switch to the next / previous instrument by tapping the arrow icons on the title bar.


Preview an instrument by using the note pads (monophone) and chord pads (polyphone).

Attack / Release

Drag the A (attack) or R (release) circle horizontally and the envelope will adjust accordingly. Note: The attack and release values cannot be automated.


Polyphony defines the maximum number of notes that the track plays back simultaneously. This limit is set to ensure smooth performance. Having a high polyphony with lots of effects might cause playback stuttering and clipping, while a low polyphony causes certain notes to end too soon. If the number of notes played exceeds the polyphony parameter, the notes triggered the longest way back are faded out, making space for new ones. The value can be set from 1 (where every note stops the previous one) up to 128 voices.

Pitch bend range

Adjusts the pitch bend range of your instrument in semitones (1 - 12). Note: When exporting to MIDI, Cubasis doesn't write the pitch bend range to MIDI files. It must be set manually in the app that you import the MIDI file into.

Instrument categories

Find your instruments easier by jumping to your desired category first. Tap a category and the instrument browser will automatically select the first instrument within that category.