Micrologue is a virtual synthesizer for Cubasis, based on the award-winning Retrologue VST instrument. Its key features include

To load Micrologue, tap the instrument icon in a MIDI track, open the Micro Sonic instrument browser and choose an instrument in the Micrologue category. Now that Micrologue is assigned to the track, it will open every time you tap the instrument icon in the track.

First, let's focus on the top panel:

List Browser

Tap this button to open a list of all available Micrologue instruments. Tap an instrument to load it. You can also switch to the next / previous instrument by tapping the arrow icons on the left / right on the title bar.

Save Preset

Tap and enter a name if you want to save your current configuration as a new micrologue instrument (preset), making it available in the instrument browser. Pressing Save Preset again overwrites your current preset. To save it under a different name, tap the instrument name on the display.

Page selection

Micrologue's interface consists of four control sets which are explained in detail in the next four chapters. These pages can be selected by swiping horizontally, by tapping one of the 4 dots at the bottom, or one of the 4 page buttons in the tool bar: