Channels Panel

channels panel

Manage channels.

The mute Mute buttons and solo Solo buttons allows you to mute or solo specific channels.

[Note] Note

When a channel is muted, it becomes invisible in the waveform and spectral display. When a channel is soloed, non-soloed channels becomes invisibles in the waveform and spectral display.

[Tip] Tip

You can mute or solo a single channel regardless of all other channels state by pressing Ctrl (Windows) Cmd (macOS) while clicking the Mute or Solo button. To clear mute and solo states on all channels, click the Mute and Solo buttons at the bottom of the panel.

Active channels are highlighted in white. When a channel is active, you can perform edits on it. By default, all channels are active. To activate a single channel, click that channel. To activate all channels, click an empty area or click the selectallchannels Select All Channels button or drag a rectangle across the channels you want to activate.

You can change the number of channels by clicking the resample Reformat button. This is equivalent to clicking ProjectReformat. See Format Management.