Transforming Content


Transform the selected area in the active layer, or the entire active layer if no selection exist.

  • Time Shifting: Set a time in seconds to shift the selected content.
  • Frequency Shifting: Set a frequency in hertz to shift the selected content.
  • Time Strething: Set a time stretch ratio in percent to slow down or speed up the selected content.
  • Pitch Shifting Unit: Set the unit to be used for the pitch shifting (percent or semitone).
  • Pitch Shifting: Set a pitch shift ratio in percent or semitone to pitch up or down the selected content.
  • check Loudness Contour: When checked, perceived loudness is preserved when pitching up or down.
  • check Preserve Formant: When checked, formant is preserved when pitching up or down.
[Note] Note

Frequency Shifting is a special effect that will produce unnatural content, by shifting frequencies by a constant value instead of multiplying them by a ratio. If you want to pitch up or down, use the Pitch Shifting parameter.