Device Preferences

Set playback (output) and record (input) device preferences.

  • Type: Device API type.
  • Input: Input device for record.
  • Output: Output device for playback.
  • Buffer Size: Size of the buffer for playback and record.
  • check Use Preferred Buffer Size: (ASIO Only) Use the ASIO device preferred buffer size instead of the user defined buffer size.
  • Sample Rate: (ASIO Only) Sample rate of your ASIO device. Your project sample rate won’t be affected.
  • Show ASIO Panel: (ASIO Only) Show the configuration panel for the ASIO device you selected.
  • Input Channel Mapping: Mapping of project channels to input device channels.
  • Output Channel Mapping: Mapping of project channels to output device channels.
  • check Smart remapping of unassigned project channels: Automatically reassign project channels to the device channels you defined.

Reset: Reset device preferences.