Harmonics Selection


Select a continous serie of harmonics (multiplie frequencies on top of each others) by automatically tracking how it changes over time. Click and drag over a frequency to select.

replace Replace Selection: Replace the current selection with a new selection.
add Add to Selection: Add the new selection to the current selection (or press Shift).
sub Subtract from Selection: Subtract the new selection from the current selection (or press Alt).
intersect Intersect with Selection: Intersect the new selection with the current selection (or press Shift+Alt). This will keep the common areas between the two selections.

Thickness: Defines the thickness of the selection around the frequency.

Master Rank: Defines what harmonic you’re going to click and use as a reference for the whole harmonics serie. Setting it to 1 correspond to the fundamental (lowest) frequency.

check Auto: Check to automatically detect the master rank.

Count: Number of harmonics to be selected, starting from the fundamental.

check Sample All Layers: Use all layers to perform the harmonics serie detection, not just the active layer.

[Tip] Tip

Sometime it’s easier to select a serie of harmonics by using the second, third or fourth harmonic rather than the fundamental frequency. Choose the frequency that’s the most visible.