Shortcuts Preferences

Set application keyboard shortcuts and mouse behavior.


  • Filter: Type here to quickly search for an action shortcut.
  • Reset: Reset the selected action to its default shortcut.
  • Press shortcut: Define a new shortcut for the selected action by pressing keys in this field.

See Keyboard Shortcuts.


  • Left Button: Define what quick tool to invoke when using the left mouse button and pressing Ctrl (Windows) Cmd (macOS) or Ctrl+Alt (Windows) Cmd+Alt (macOS)
  • Wheel: Define what navigation action to invoke when using the mouse wheel and pressing nothing or Alt or Ctrl (Windows) Cmd (macOS)
  • check Invert Wheel Axes: Invert vertical and horizontal mouse wheel axes when browsing the Spectral Display. Define accordingly when you have a single axis wheel mouse or a dual axes wheel mouse.

Load…​: Load shortcuts preferences
Save…​: Save shortcuts preferences
Reset: Reset shortcuts preferences.