video Clone Stamp and Eraser Tool | Spectralayers Pro 7 Tutorials

video Improved Tools | New Features in SpectraLayers 8

Attenuate the content under the brush.

Round Brush / Square Brush: Defines the type of brush shape.
Screen Units / Spectral Units: Defines the units used to set the brush shape proportions.
Size: (Screen Units only) Defines the size of the brush in pixels.
Aspect Ratio: (Screen Units only) Defines the aspect ratio of the brush.
Width: (Spectral Units only) Defines the width of the brush in seconds.
Height: (Spectral Units only) Defines the height of the brush in hertz.
Hardness: Defines the hardness of the brush in percents.
check Limit: Limit eraser attenuation to a certain absolute level.
Pick Limit: Check to pick a level limit in the spectrogram.
Limit Level: Absolute level in dB to which to limit the eraser tool.

A hard brush (100%) will have clear edges. A soft brush (0%) will have blurry edges.

Attenuation: Defines how much the content is attenuated, in decibels.

opacity Pressure Controls Strength: When pressed, this enables devices with pressure control to set the strength of the tool.