New Features

New features in SpectraLayers Pro 8.0.0



  • Clean bleeding between multiple layers, for instance when recording multiple instruments simultaneously with different mics. See De-Bleed.

EQ Match

  • Match two different EQ profiles, for instance when trying to make a recording match another recording using a different mic. See EQ Match.

Ambience Match

  • Match two different ambience profiles, for instance when trying to make a recording match another recorded at a different location. See Ambience Match.

Select Harmonics

Improved Voice Denoiser

  • Much improved voice denoiser AI, against different kinds of background noise. See Voice Denoiser.

Improved Reverb Reduction

  • Reverb Reduction now uses AI, providing easier and cleaner results. See Reverb Reduction.

Improved Clip Repair

Improved Eraser and Amplifier tools

  • You can now limit the eraser and amplifier tools to an absolute level, picked from the spectrogram. See Eraser and Amplifier.

Improved Transforms

More New Features

Save Selections with Projects

Easily Transfer Audio Between Channels

Selection Drawing Improvements

384 KHz

  • SpectraLayers Pro maximum sample rate has been doubled, and now supports projects up to 384 KHz.

ARA Improvements

Clips Grouping Mode

  • You can now regroup imported ARA clips by format (default behavior in SpectraLayers Pro 7, all clips sharing the same format are regrouped into the same project, best suited for music production) or import each ARA clip into independent SpectraLayers Pro projects (better suited for post production). See Clip Menu and System Preferences.