Display Panel

display panel

Controls the project display paramaters.

[Note] Note

Not all parameters are visible by default. More parameters can be shown using the items Display Panel Menu.

Color Mapping: Enables and disables the Composite View mode. Composite View show all layers mixed and assign a color map to the spectral display. The Color Map increases the visual dynamic range. When Composite View is disabled, each layer shows it own color, as seen in the Layers Panel.

Amplitude: Set the minimum and maximum amplitude shown in the spectral display.

Selection Opacity: Set the opacity of selections. It has no effect on the selection itself.

FFT Size: Set the size of the FFT analysis. The size has an impact on the time and frequency accuracy. The larger the size, the sharper the frequency but the blurrier the time. The smaller the size, the sharper the time but the blurrier the frequency. It’s like defining the focus point in photography. See The Importance of FFT Size.

[Note] Note

Increasing resolution and refinement requires more computing power.