System Preferences

Set application paths and resource management.


  • Cache Path: Folder where temporary sessions and layers data are stored.
  • Max Cache Recovery: How long should such data be kept after a crash.
  • Logs Path: Folder where SpectraLayers One logs are stored. Logs are useful for debugging.
  • Maximum Logs: Maximum number of logs to store. Older logs get deleted.
  • Presets Path: Folder where to store layout, shortcuts and tools presets.
  • External Edits Path: Folder where to store external edits, such as when calling an external editor or dragging a layer to the host in ARA mode.
  • Drag Mode: Define the protocol to transfer layers to the host in ARA mode. VST-XML provides the best interaction, but may not be supported by all hosts.
  • VST3 Path: Folder where VST3 plugins are stored.


  • Maximum Recent Projects: Maximum number of projects to show in FileOpen Recent See Creating and Opening a Project.
  • Maximum History Actions: Maximum number of actions to show in the History Panel.
  • Realtime Brush Preview Limit: Maximum number of samples a tool can handle for its realtime preview.
  • Free Space Warning Limit: Minimum free space on your hard drive (where the cache folder is located) before the application triggers a warning.


  • Check Notifications…​: Check if there’s any SpectraLayers One news or update.
  • check Check notifications at startup: Automatically check for news or updates.

Reset: Reset system preferences.